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About Our Private Intelligence Agency

Our business is uniquely equipped to handle multidisciplinary intelligence challenges for a diverse range of private, corporate, and organizational clients.

Formidable Meets Formidable

In order to face the formidable, you must be formidable. Our business combines the expertise and resources of various fields, including the intelligence operations, commerce, law, law enforcement, military, and the judicial system. Together with our strategic global top-tier assets, a powerful entity is formed.

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Intelligence is always unique, but technology has made it easier for those with criminal intent to operate on a global scale. This means that our professional tradecraft often has international components and involve working within multiple legal systems.

We have a wealth of resources at our disposal to tackle even the most complex cases, whether we are tracking down a witness for a legal case, recovering funds lost to fraud, uncovering hidden offshore accounts, or conducting due diligence. ESPION™ is the go-to firm for clients who discern only the best will do.

Our Services

Espion™ creates services that you think we can create. We are a bespoke intelligence firm that works for corporations, governments, high-net-worth people and their family offices, NGOs and other prominent private clients. 

We acquire, analyze, and advise clients on what matters most to them. Whether it is intelligence needed during a formidable dispute, to support litigation, to root out industrial espionage, or to quietly and ethically learn more about competitors – Espion takes each engagement with a completly custom approach.

If you can think of it, we probably can do it.

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Our Trademarked Brands

All of our services can be white labeled to companies in whole or in part. This means that our firm can work for corporations, law firms, and organizations under their umbrella, should the need arise.


ESPION is an intelligence organization.  Where and when required, and for the portion required – we use fully licensed lawyers, accountants, investigators, and other professionals . We have our own in-house legal entity.  ESPION, including its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a intelligence-led risk consulting firm and is not a certified public accounting firm or a law firm.

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