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Manage risk, dominate your opponent, conquer your landscape. ESPION™ provides critical intelligence from our multidisciplinary, strategically oriented intelligence firm.

Image by Hannah Troupe

Chatterbell™ is ESPION's open-source intelligence project.  Chatterbell collects, processes and disseminates information for the purpose of informing decision-making and strategic planning.


Our intelligence typically focuses on understanding and predicting the actions and intentions of groups or individuals.


ESPION Chatterbell  will identify and disrupt the activities of individuals or organizations that pose a threat to our clients interests.

Protective Intelligence

When HINWs and other prominent people face threats, our protective intelligence is unrivalled and powerful.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain mission critical information that helps make important business decisons.

What is Chatterbell?

Chatterbell™  comes from the word "chat" or "chatte", masculine, and feminine French words, respectively, for "cat". The word "bell"  is part of the fable about mice who want to put a bell on the cat in order to warn of it's presence. None do, and the cat (chat) eats the mice.

Chat(te) + r = chatter. Chatter is a measure of communication in the intelligence world. Bell is a is an alarm. In other words, intelligence can inform you of any opportunity that you can apply it to; that is, if you know the cat is coming.

How We Use Chatterbell

Chatterbell is a combination of legal, investigative, and technological resources from around the world that are used to access unique data. It is not a software platform or a product of artificial intelligence.l intelligence

Uses for Chatterbell include pre-eminent online and offline surveillance that monitors the integrity of people. Chatterbell also aids in deep due diligence investigations prior to mergers, acquisitions, and investments to ensure accurate information is presented with the aid of our deep intelligence gathering.


Chatterbell is a useful tool when it comes to our  intellectual property and brand protection services. Through our exclusive service,  Chatterbell conducts interviews, research, and works with global law enforcement agencies to enforce intellectual property.  


Chatterbell risk assessments provide protection of  life and business operations; both domestic and foreign intelligence is gathered to support the minimizing of risk in travel and emerging business operations.


 We also use Chatterbell to aid in ethical intelligence gathering in the form of business and competitive intelligence.


Chatterbell has also proved useful in supporting cyber defense operations in the  protection of data and critical digital infrastructure.

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