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Espion focuses on the protection of the interests and assets of companies, organizations, and private clients.


No one better understands than Espion.

Espion corporate counterintelligence agency plays a vital role in ensuring the security and competitiveness of your company or organization by identifying and neutralizing any internal or external threats to its interests.

Because we provide offensive services, who better to understand the defensive services you are looking for?

We root out insider threats such as espionage, competitive intelligence gathering, sabotage, and threats to private clients privacy and safety.

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Counterintelligence Threats Lurk In Dark Places

We shed light on the dark places so you better understand your adversaries.

Being in the business of intelligence acquisition, we know how spies work. We study them, identify them, and root them out.

Good counterintelligence holistically reviews the potential for adversaries in companies, organizations and private clients lives.

Espion will find and legally stop hostile intelligence through our counterintelligence services. We spy on the spies, we uncover the watchers, and we provide countermeasures to trap hostile actors.

Counterintelligence Risk Assessments

We work for those that protect.

There are several different types of counterintelligence risk assessments that Espion conducts, including:

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is a comprehensive analysis of an organization's potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This type of assessment can identify areas where the organization may be vulnerable to counterintelligence threats, such as insecure computer systems or poor employee training.

Threat Assessments

A threat assessment is an analysis of the potential threats an organization may face. This type of assessment can identify potential risks from foreign governments, criminal organizations, and other sources.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a simulated attack on an organization's systems and networks to determine their vulnerabilities. This type of assessment can identify areas where the organization may be vulnerable to counterintelligence threats, and measures can be taken to secure them.

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The Importance of Protecting Sensitive Information

Protecting sensitive information is critical for the success and survival of any organization. Sensitive information can include confidential business plans, trade secrets, financial information, client data, and personal information of employees. The unauthorized access or release of this information can have severe consequences, including financial loss, damage to reputation, and loss of trust from clients and customers.

Identify vulnerable areas.

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Minimize the Risk.

In conclusion, protecting sensitive information is not only a legal obligation but also crucial for the success and survival of any organization.

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