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DarkSky Defense

Large amount of assets and sensitive personal and financial information are at risk of being compromised by cyber attacks. DarkSky Defense helps mitigate cyber risk, provides cyber investigations, and cyber monitoring.


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Cyber Intelligence

Blue Team Assessments

The goal of blue teaming is to ensure that an organization's networks and systems are secure and that its data is protected. Working closely with red teams, we acquire, analyze, and simulate attacks on networks to find vulnerabilities.

Cyber Investigations

DARKSKY Defense is our preeminent trade secret in deep dives into cyber crimes. Our DARKSKY project is routinely used for cyber fraud, intellectual property infringement, causation of cybersecurity incidents, network intrusions, and insider threats.


DARKSKY provides managed cybersecurity services to law firms, institutions such as museums, family offices and wealth managers.

Red Team Assessments

Although not specific to DARKSKY Services, Red teaming exercises can take many forms, including simulated cyber attacks, physical security breaches, and social engineering attacks. The goal of red teaming is to expose weaknesses in an organization's defenses and to help improve its overall security posture.

Internet of Things

DARKSKY IoT forensics collects, analyzes, and interprets digital evidence from IoT devices for the purpose of an investigation.  IoT forensics may be used to identify the cause of an IoT-related incident, such as a data breach or a system failure, and to gather evidence to support a criminal or civil case.

Electronic Discovery

E-discovery is an important tool in the legal process, as it allows parties to identify and exchange relevant electronic information that may be used in a case. It is often used in civil litigation, such as in employment disputes or intellectual property cases, as well as in criminal cases. 


Of the many clients we serve, -34%.  met a significant cyber incident in 2022.

In 2021  21,000 people in the United States reported losses to the F.B.I.  of over .$475 million. in 21,000 romance scams.

Phishing scams represented nearly 35% of all reported cybercrime-related financial losses last year to the tune of -$6.9 billion .

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In order to effectively manage cyber risk and protect their reputation and brand, businesses of all sizes must continuously assess their cyber risk profile and proactively manage their defenses. It is also important  to have a proactive approach to crisis communications in the event of a cyber attack, which includes being transparent in business dealings, and honest with customers. Doing so, businesses can mitigate the impact of a cyber attack on their reputation and avoid a short-term reputational hit becoming a long-term disaster.

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