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Spy vs spy. Espion knows espionage and provides counterintelligence services to root our insider threats in the form of industrial spycraft.

Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage refers to the potential harm that can be caused to an organization by the unauthorized acquisition of sensitive or confidential information. This can include information about an organization's products, services, research and development, financial status, and other proprietary information.

Corporate Espionage Counterintelligence by ESPION™

The Damage From Espionage

Industrial espionage can have a number of serious consequences for organizations, including financial loss, reputational damage, and loss of competitive advantage. For example, if a competitor acquires sensitive information about an organization's products or services, they may be able to replicate those products or services and sell them at a lower price, thereby undermining the organization's market position. Additionally, if an organization's confidential information is released to the public, it can damage the organization's reputation and credibility, making it difficult to regain the trust of customers and partners.

The threat of industrial espionage can also have a wider impact on the economy, as it can lead to the loss of jobs and economic growth. The stealing of trade secrets can also impact the innovation and productivity of a company and the country as a whole.

To mitigate the risk of industrial espionage, organizations should implement strong security measures to protect sensitive information, such as access controls, data encryption, and employee training on information security. Additionally, organizations should be aware of their surroundings and assess the risk of espionage from domestic and foreign actors.

Forms of Corporate Espionage

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ESPION is a private intelligence consultancy. The backbone of our boutique firm is counterintelligence. We provide counterintelligence services that root out spying in industrial companies, governments and NGOs.  ESPION provides services that at the outset, stop spies from considering your institution or organization.

Working with the F.B.I. and The National Counterintelligence and Security Center and other country governmental investigatory and counterintelligence offices is highly advantageous. ESPION advocates for these services that promote the sanctity of innovation, and works within the frameworks of those that are here to protect those that innovate and bring intellectual property to market.

ESPION provides services in concert with governments, for the jurisdiction we work in. We also bring our clients services that aid before an incident takes place; during the normal course of business; or, after a matter comes to light.

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