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Analytical. Creative. Practical. Our intelligence platform is as diverse as our clients needs.

Private Intelligence

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Our Tradecraft

Practical Intelligence

Put our experience to use.

We apply knowledge and skills to solve everyday problems and adapt to changing situations faced by our clients.

Practical intelligence enables organizations to effectively navigate their environment and make practical, effective decisions with the actionable intelligence we deliver.

Our practical intelligence has been developed through experience, learning, and exposure to a variety of situations.

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Creative Intelligence

Your challenge brings out our creativity.

Chatterbell's tradecraft is our unique ability to provide solutions to problems or create something new, such as an innovative solution to a unexpected problem.

Our private intelligence agency applies creative intelligence to assist our clients in gathering useful information in an untold amount of ways.

Analytical Intelligence

We identify patterns and connections.

Chatterbell's ability to analyze information and data, understand complex systems and relationships, and solve problems in a logical and systematic manner is unrivalled. We use of critical thinking and logic to evaluate information, identify patterns and connections, and make informed decisions. Our analytical intelligence is often used where the ability to analyze data and make sound conclusions is essential. ESPION analytical intelligence is able to see the bigger picture, understand the relationships between various elements, and apply logical thinking to find solutions to problems.

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Spyology™ is our secret research service designed to provide bespoke high-level research services to our clients in energy, manufacturing, marketing and legal services. Spyology provides for better countermeasures in running business and industry through our deep assessments of threats to organizations infrastructure from our private intelligence agency.

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We are the go-to intelligence firm for specialties such as insider threats, cyber intelligence and corporate intelligence.

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