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Insider Threat

When a prominent business person is blackmailed, ESPION goes to work finding who is behind the scene.

A prominent hotel tycoon and family were faced with the possibility that a member of staff was feeding information to the press and other organizations in order to receive compensation for information on specific ongoing issues within the household.

Members of the family were prominent in more than one way and their personal lives were being exploited. ESPION acquired information on all staff members, including outside vendors. We then analyzed everyone, including placing certain people under surveillance. We keyed in on one particular person when we learned through a media contact that the staff member contacted them, and the gain was afoot.

After setting this staff member up with an interview, under the guise of media with a promise of payment, we found the inside threat. The head of the household was kindly, and decided not to press charges, but did terminate the former employee.

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