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Silent Partner

Silent Partner is our anonymous reporting system for insider threats.

Silent Partner. is a reporting service for insider threats only. What is an insider threat? Read more here. Insider threats are generally defined as workplace violence, terrorism, corruption, espionage, theft of customer lists, vendors, etc.


We allow for people to share with us these type of threats to the companies, agencies and institutions they work in. We do not provide any other reporting option.


We review each report and determine whether we can help.

The way we help is by making contact with your employer without divulging the source of our information. 

Please share truthful information. We validate everything. Should we detect dishonesty, we will cease review or contact.

If you do not hear from us, and you have allowed us to contact you, please do not recontact us. Rest assured that we will review and make a determination as to the merit of each matter presented. We make no claims in our ability to assist you or the situation you are aware of.

Silent Partner is a service of ESPION™. We are a private intelligence agency specializing in counterintelligence. We have licensed investigators and legal staff. Reporting to us does not mean you have retained us.

Do not leave emergency information with us. If you are aware of something that threatens life or property you should call emergency services in your jurisdiction, or appropriate law enforcement.

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