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Spyology™ is better counterintelligence with Chatterbell espionage risk assessment and secret research group service. 



Understand Your Adversaries

Gather insightful research on threats to you or the business you manage. Spyology™ is our discreet research and assessment division that seeks to better understand risks to our client institutions.


Spyology™ is the practice of designing and implementing countermeasures against serious threats to lives and property.

Understand your adversaries - building Chatterbell

We build better countermeasures.

Taken from psychology, Spyology is much the same in that it  is the scientific study of the mind, ideology, and behavior of insider threats. Spyology or spychology encompasses a wide range of topics including perception, cognition, emotion, motivation, personality, and social behavior. Chatterbell uses various research methods, including experiments, surveys, and observations, to study threats from espionage, sabotage, terrorism, and workplace violence. Our deep insights give our clients more value and greater protection.

Eagle flying Chatterbell SRG

Secret Research Group


Secret Research Group (SRG) provides deep private research into projects requiring countermeasures and intelligence. Some of those projects are risk assessments, security assessments, red team operations, and strategic operations.

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